About us – Willfred

The Willfred story.

The beginning of Willfred was pretty simple.

In the process of trying to create our own Will, we found it to be expensive and time-consuming. The current process is still to print it, sign it, and store it somewhere – but most people forget where they put their Will. Not to mention the amount of paper.

It felt outdated.

So we created the accessible Will that we wanted, but didn’t exist. A protected, online home that allowed us to create our Will, keep it secure, and updated it anytime, anywhere.

A Will that we could have regular access to, that is easy to update.
A Will that didn’t rely on a lawyer to physically keep hold of it for our entire lives.
A Will that would legally represent our wishes and reflect how we wanted our assets to be distributed.

Willfred began because we wanted to make an important part of your life to be as clear and concise as possible.

Willfred is here to be your companion through life.


Shehan D


Willfred: what Will you leave behind?