I get it – creating a Will is on the ‘to do’ list… but you haven’t found the time to do it. Life is busy and the idea of getting around to do a Will becomes low on the priority list. 

Don’t worry – you’re not alone.

According to Money Mag from Feb 2019, approximately 10 million adult Australians do not have a Will. That is 10 million Australians whose family and assets aren’t looked after should anything happen to them. So, why are Wills so low on the priority list for many Australians?

Like most delays in life, it usually comes down to time and money.

Finding time to set up an appointment with a Lawyer and focus on the distribution of our assets, feels like it will be time-consuming. Not knowing where to start and the fear of a Will getting expensive also means we procrastinate.

We procrastinate because early on in our adult years, we tend to doubt that we have any assets to begin with. We wonder whether it is worth creating a Will and set that task aside for a few years down the track. Then life happens and suddenly we have income, a car, a home, partners, children, pets, jewellery, investments, and shares. Life moves quickly and in an instant, we have assets and loved ones that are our responsibility.

It is daunting to think about our own mortality and perhaps even painful to think we are not in control of how our lives can end. However, that doesn’t mean caring for your loved ones is out of your control. In fact, ensuring they are taken care of when you pass away can provide you with a sense of assurance and contentment that you’ve done the best by your loved ones.

We all need a Will. Our Wills carry on our life decisions after our passing. Our Wills speak for our family, loved ones, and pets when you are no longer around to be responsible for them.

Our Wills are our voice, our wishes and hopes for life after we die – what Will you leave behind?